33 Coastal and Nautical Bathroom Decor Tips

June 14, 2024

There's something undeniably charming about coastal and nautical themes. They evoke a sense of calm, relaxation, and a bit of adventure, making them perfect for bathroom decor. Whether you live by the sea or just dream of it, transforming your bathroom into a coastal haven can bring that serene vibe right into your home. Let's dive into 33 tips to help you achieve the perfect coastal and nautical bathroom decor.

Choosing a Color Palette

Soft Blues and Whites

Soft blues and whites are quintessential to coastal and nautical themes. These colors mimic the sea and sky, creating a tranquil and airy atmosphere.

Incorporating Accents

To add depth, consider incorporating accents in sandy beige, coral, or seafoam green. These accent colors can be introduced through towels, rugs, and other accessories, providing a cohesive and vibrant look that complements the main color scheme.

Wall Treatments

Shiplap and Beadboard

Installing shiplap or beadboard on your walls instantly gives your bathroom a coastal cottage feel. These wall treatments add texture and a touch of rustic charm, reminiscent of beachside cabins.

How to Install Shiplap

Shiplap is relatively easy to install. You can either use real wood planks or opt for a more budget-friendly MDF version. Simply nail the boards horizontally onto your wall, leaving a small gap between each one for that classic shiplap look. This DIY project can dramatically change the ambiance of your bathroom.

Benefits of Beadboard

Beadboard adds texture and interest to your walls. It's also great for protecting your walls from moisture, making it a practical choice for bathrooms. Beadboard can be painted in soft hues to match your coastal theme, enhancing the overall aesthetic.

Nautical Wallpaper

Wallpaper with nautical patterns can add a fun and whimsical touch to your bathroom. It can serve as a feature wall, drawing attention and adding character to the space.

Choosing the Right Pattern

Look for patterns featuring anchors, sailboats, or sea creatures. Make sure the colors complement your overall palette to maintain a cohesive look. Nautical wallpaper can be bold or subtle, depending on your preference, and can significantly impact the room's vibe.

Flooring Options

Weathered Wood

Weathered wood flooring brings a rustic, beachy vibe to your bathroom. It evokes the feeling of driftwood washed ashore, adding warmth and natural beauty.

Types of Wood

Opt for durable woods like teak or cedar that can withstand moisture. Alternatively, consider wood-look tiles for a more practical option. These tiles mimic the appearance of wood while being easier to maintain.

Maintenance Tips

Seal your wood floors to protect them from water damage. Regularly clean them with a damp mop to keep them looking their best. Proper maintenance will ensure your wood floors remain beautiful and durable for years to come.

Stone and Pebble Floors

Stone and pebble floors mimic the natural look of a beach. They provide a unique, tactile experience that can make your bathroom feel like an outdoor oasis.

Installation Process

Installing a pebble floor can be a bit labor-intensive, but the results are worth it. Lay down a mesh-backed sheet of pebbles and secure them with mortar. This type of flooring can be a stunning focal point in your bathroom.

Pros and Cons

While stone and pebble floors are beautiful and unique, they can be harder to clean and maintain. Consider this when choosing your flooring. Their natural appearance and texture make them a standout choice, but be prepared for some extra upkeep.

Furniture and Fixtures

Rustic Vanities

A rustic vanity can be a stunning focal point in your nautical bathroom. It adds character and a touch of vintage charm, enhancing the overall theme.

Finding the Perfect Vanity

Look for vanities made of reclaimed wood or with a distressed finish. These add character and charm to your bathroom, making it feel cozy and inviting. Antique shops and flea markets can be great places to find unique pieces.

DIY Options

If you're feeling crafty, you can repurpose an old dresser or table into a vanity. Add a vessel sink and some nautical hardware for a custom look. This not only saves money but also gives your bathroom a personalized touch.

Nautical Sinks and Faucets

Choosing the right sinks and faucets can enhance your coastal theme. These fixtures can serve as functional decor elements, tying the room together.

Material Choices

Consider materials like copper or bronze for a rustic feel. For a more modern look, stainless steel or porcelain are excellent choices. These materials are durable and can withstand the humid bathroom environment.

Installation Tips

Make sure to properly seal around your sinks and faucets to prevent water damage. This will keep your bathroom looking pristine for years to come. Professional installation can ensure a perfect fit and finish.

Lighting Choices

Coastal Lighting Fixtures

Lighting can dramatically change the ambiance of your bathroom. Coastal lighting fixtures can enhance the theme and add to the decor.

Types of Fixtures

Pendant lights, sconces, and lantern-style fixtures all work well in a coastal bathroom. Look for designs that incorporate natural materials like rope or wood. These fixtures can create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Placement Ideas

Consider placing sconces on either side of your mirror for even lighting. Pendant lights can be a beautiful focal point above your vanity or bathtub. Proper placement of lighting fixtures can highlight key areas and improve functionality.

Natural Light Enhancement

Maximize natural light to make your bathroom feel open and airy. Natural light can enhance the colors and textures in your bathroom, making it feel more spacious.

Window Treatments

Choose light, airy curtains or blinds that allow natural light to filter through. Sheer fabrics work best for this purpose, creating a soft and diffused light effect.

Skylights and More

If possible, add a skylight to your bathroom. It will flood the space with natural light and give you a beautiful view of the sky. Skylights can be a luxurious addition, making your bathroom feel more open and connected to nature.

Accessories and Accents

Nautical Mirrors

Mirrors are a must-have in any bathroom, and nautical-themed ones can be a great addition. They reflect light and make the space feel larger.

Styles and Shapes

Round mirrors framed with rope or driftwood are classic choices. For a more unique look, consider porthole-style mirrors. These styles add a nautical touch and can be a striking feature.

Placement Tips

Hang your mirror above the vanity or on a feature wall. Ensure it's at eye level for maximum functionality. Proper placement of mirrors can enhance the room's lighting and make it feel more spacious.

Coastal Artwork

Artwork can bring personality and charm to your bathroom. Coastal-themed pieces can tie the room together and reinforce the theme.

Themes to Consider

Choose pieces featuring sea life, beach scenes, or nautical elements. These will reinforce your coastal theme. Local artists or online marketplaces can be great sources for unique artwork.

Framing Options

Opt for frames made of reclaimed wood or in colors that match your palette. This will tie your artwork into the overall decor, making it feel cohesive and intentional.

Marine-Inspired Rugs

Rugs can add comfort and style to your bathroom. They provide a soft surface underfoot and can enhance the decor.

Material Choices

Look for rugs made of natural fibers like cotton or jute. These materials are durable and fit well with a coastal theme. They also add a tactile element to your bathroom decor.

Design Ideas

Choose rugs with nautical patterns or in solid coastal colors. Stripes, anchors, and seashells are all great options. A well-chosen rug can be a focal point and tie the room's decor together.

Storage Solutions

Nautical Cabinets and Shelves

Effective storage solutions are essential for keeping your bathroom organized. Nautical-themed cabinets and shelves can add to the decor while providing practical storage.

DIY Projects

Build your own shelves using reclaimed wood or driftwood. This adds a personal touch and ensures your storage solutions are unique. DIY projects can also be a cost-effective way to enhance your bathroom decor.

Best Materials to Use

Choose materials that can withstand moisture, such as teak or treated wood. Metal brackets can add an industrial touch. These materials are durable and practical for bathroom use.

Baskets and Bins

Baskets and bins are perfect for storing towels and toiletries. They keep your bathroom tidy and organized.

Types and Uses

Wicker baskets and canvas bins work well in a coastal bathroom. Use them to store extra towels, toiletries, and other essentials. They add a natural and textured element to your decor.

Textiles and Soft Furnishings

Coastal Shower Curtains

A shower curtain is a prominent feature in your bathroom, so choose one that complements your theme. It can serve as a focal point and enhance the overall decor.

Patterns and Colors

Look for curtains with coastal patterns like seashells, starfish, or stripes. Soft blues, whites, and sandy tones are ideal. These patterns and colors reinforce the coastal theme and add visual interest.

How to Choose the Right One

Ensure your shower curtain is made of a water-resistant material. It should also be easy to clean and maintain. A good quality shower curtain can enhance both the functionality and aesthetics of your bathroom.

Nautical Towels and Mats

Towels and mats are both functional and decorative. They add comfort and can tie the room's decor together.

Material Options

Choose towels made of high-quality cotton for softness and absorbency. For mats, consider ones made of bamboo or other natural materials. These materials are durable and fit well with a coastal theme.

Design Ideas

Opt for towels and mats in solid coastal colors or with subtle nautical patterns. This will keep your bathroom looking cohesive. Matching sets can create a polished and coordinated look.

Finishing Touches

Beachy Scented Candles

Candles can add a relaxing ambiance to your bathroom. They provide soft lighting and pleasant scents, enhancing the overall experience.

Best Scents

Choose scents that remind you of the beach, like sea breeze, coconut, or fresh linen. These will enhance the coastal atmosphere. Scented candles can make your bathroom feel like a serene retreat.

Placement Ideas

Place candles on your vanity, shelves, or around your bathtub. Ensure they're in safe, stable holders. Thoughtful placement of candles can enhance both the decor and the ambiance.

Sea-Inspired Soap Dispensers

Unique soap dispensers can be a fun addition to your bathroom. They add a personal touch and can enhance the theme.

Unique Designs

Look for dispensers shaped like seashells, starfish, or lighthouses. These small touches can make a big impact. Unique designs can add a whimsical and fun element to your bathroom.

DIY Options

If you enjoy DIY projects, consider decorating a plain soap dispenser with nautical elements. This is a simple and affordable way to personalize your decor. DIY projects can add a personal touch and make your bathroom feel uniquely yours.


Transforming your bathroom into a coastal retreat is a rewarding project. By carefully selecting colors, materials, and accessories, you can create a space that feels like a serene seaside escape. Remember to let your creativity shine and enjoy the process of designing your dream bathroom.


1. How can I create a coastal theme on a budget?

Start with small changes like new towels, rugs, and accessories. DIY projects can also save money while adding a personal touch. Look for budget-friendly options and get creative with repurposing items you already have.

2. What are some easy DIY nautical decor ideas?

Consider making rope-wrapped mirrors, driftwood shelves, or seashell soap dispensers. These projects are fun and affordable. DIY decor can add a unique and personalized touch to your bathroom.

3. How do I maintain a nautical-themed bathroom?

Regular cleaning and proper ventilation are key. Choose materials that can withstand moisture and use protective finishes on wood surfaces. Maintenance is essential to keep your bathroom looking fresh and beautiful.

4. Can I mix coastal and nautical themes?

Absolutely! Both themes complement each other well. Use a cohesive color palette to ensure the two styles blend seamlessly. Mixing themes can create a unique and personalized look.

5. Where can I find unique nautical decor items?

Check out local craft stores, online marketplaces, and seaside shops. You can often find one-of-a-kind pieces that add character to your bathroom. Shopping in these places can uncover hidden gems and unique decor items.

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June 14, 2024
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