20 industrial bathroom interior design inspirations for your home

December 12, 2023

Welcome to the edgy and raw allure of industrial interior design, where utilitarian aesthetics meet chic sophistication.

In this article, we delve into the world of industrial-inspired bathroom design, exploring the captivating marriage of rugged textures, exposed elements, and sleek modernity.

The industrial trend has transcended its origins to become a popular choice for those seeking a unique, urban-inspired ambiance within their personal spaces.

Join us as we unravel the key elements of industrial interior design and how they seamlessly translate into the bathroom setting.

From exposed brick and metal accents to minimalist color palettes, these industrial bathroom ideas are sure to inspire you to infuse your bathing space with an urban, avant-garde charm.

Get ready to embrace the bold and unconventional as we navigate the industrial landscape, transforming your bathroom into a stylish sanctuary that beautifully balances raw aesthetics with contemporary comfort.

1: Bathroom with a bathtub and sink:

This image showcases a tastefully designed bathroom with a focus on simplicity and elegance.

The main focal point of the bathroom is the white bathtub which is complemented by a matching white sink.

The bathtub and sink are adorned with sleek, modern taps, adding a touch of sophistication to the space.

Both the bathtub and sink are situated against a grey wall which gives the room a contemporary look.

The wall is also fitted with a mirror that enhances the sense of space in the bathroom. The floor, with its grey tile design, adds a texture variation to the otherwise minimalist room.

The countertop in the bathroom, possibly made from marble, adds a luxurious touch.

It houses a small indoor plant that brings a bit of nature into the room, creating a relaxing atmosphere.

The bathroom accessory, possibly a soap dispenser, located near the sink, hints at the functionality of the space.

Overall, the bathroom seems to be well-maintained and recently renovated, boasting a modern interior design.

The room is not just a restroom but a thoughtfully designed space that blends functionality and style.

2: Bathroom with a sink and a mirror:

This image showcases a stylish bathroom, tastefully designed with attention to detail.

The dominant colors are white and grey, providing a clean, modern aesthetic.

The bathroom features a white sink installed against a grey wall, the sink is complemented by gold handles and a gold drain.

Adjacent to the sink is a white toilet with its lid open, which matches the overall color scheme of the room.

Above the sink is a mirror with a unique door in the middle, providing a chic and functional design element to the room.

Additionally, the bathroom includes a shower with a visible shower head, suggesting a full bathroom layout.

The room is well-lit, presumably by a light bulb mounted on the wall, adding a warm ambiance to the space.

The floor and walls appear to be tiled, adding texture and depth to the room.

Overall, this image captures a well-designed, modern bathroom with high-end fixtures and tasteful interior design.

3: Bathtub in a bathroom with a view of a city :

This image captures a lavish bathroom with a breathtaking view of a cityscape at night.

The room's focal point is a sleek, black bathtub, elegantly positioned near a massive window framing the urban view.

The bathtub complements the room's overall black theme, further accentuated by the dark furniture and walls.

The room is illuminated by a grand chandelier boasting multiple lights that cast a warm glow, enhancing the inviting atmosphere.

On the adjacent side, a table is present, adorned with a variety of objects that contribute to the room's luxurious feel.

Adding a touch of life to this sophisticated setting is a vibrant plant perched next to the window, its lush green leaves contrasting beautifully against the night's darkness.

A white towel, neatly hung on a bar, and a close-up of a cloth hint at the room's functionality.

Interestingly, the image also features a globe, perhaps symbolizing the homeowner's love for travel or exploration.

The scene is a perfect blend of luxury, comfort, and aesthetic appeal, making it an ideal representation of modern home design.

4 : Bathroom with a sink toilet and a mirror :

This image captures a view of a tastefully designed bathroom with a modern aesthetic.

The primary elements of the room are the sink, toilet, and mirror, all of which embody a minimalist design approach.

The sink, with its sleek design, is centrally positioned in the foreground of the image, adding a sense of depth to the setting.

Adjacent to the sink is a toilet with a pristine white finish that matches the room's overall color scheme.

A mirror is also a prominent feature, reflecting the light and making the room appear more spacious than it actually is.

The bathroom walls are adorned with tiles, contributing to the room's clean and polished look.

Interestingly, the bathroom also features houseplants, strategically placed to add a touch of greenery and life to the otherwise monochromatic space.

The room is well-lit, with the light bouncing off the white ceiling and glossy floor, enhancing the room's airy ambiance.

The bathroom's design and fixtures suggest that it might be part of a modern house or a hotel, highlighting the importance placed on interior design in these spaces.

5: Faucet and a plant on the wall :

This image captures an exquisite interior scene with a minimalist aesthetic.

It prominently features a sleek and modern plumbing fixture, possibly a faucet, against a pristine white wall.

This faucet appears to be a part of a bathtub setup, implying that we're looking at a well-designed bathroom.

The bathtub itself sits snugly against the wall, and a bathroom sink can be found nearby, suggesting a well-thought-out design for efficient use of space.

The presence of the sink, bathtub, and faucet indicates that this might be a full bathroom setup.

The fixtures, with their clean lines and metallic sheen, exude a contemporary vibe that complements the overall aesthetic of the room.

Adding a touch of nature to the minimalist design is a potted plant positioned near the faucet on the wall.

The organic element of the plant brings a refreshing contrast to the starkness of the bathroom fixtures and the white wall.

The plant, with its lush green leaves, infuses a sense of tranquility and freshness into the space, creating a spa-like ambiance.

Hints of a mirror and a shower in the vicinity suggest that this bathroom might belong to a hotel or a well-appointed residence.

The overall design showcases a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics, making the space aesthetically pleasing and practical at the same time.

6: Bathroom with a sink and a plant :

This image captures a tastefully designed domestic bathroom with a prime focus on a sink and a thriving houseplant.

The bathroom is characterized by its grey and white color scheme, with the dominant color being white that acts as the color of the foreground, contrasting nicely with the grey background.

The sink, which is a significant element in this image, appears to be white with a black trim.

It's a modern plumbing fixture, perfectly integrated into the wall, which is adorned with tiles.

The sink is equipped with a tap that enhances its utility and aesthetic appeal.

The houseplant, resting in a flowerpot, adds a touch of vibrancy and freshness to the room.

It is placed near the sink, possibly to absorb the moisture and thrive better.

Another similar plant can be spotted a bit further away, indicating the homeowner's inclination towards nurturing greenery inside the home.

In addition to these, the bathroom includes a bathtub and a shower, barely visible but contributing to the overall functionality of the space.

The room also features a mirror, possibly located above the sink, reflecting the indoor elements and amplifying the space.

A window can also be spotted, allowing natural light to seep in, enhancing the room's brightness.

This image is a beautiful representation of interior design in a modern home setting.

7: Bathroom with plants and brick walls :

This image captures a stylish, rustic bathroom filled with a mix of natural elements and modern amenities.

The room is dominated by earthy tones, with the black fixtures and accessories bringing a stark contrast to the warm brown brick walls.

A plethora of greenery breathes life into the space, with a large potted plant nestled in a basket, situated near a window.

In this bathroom, the fixtures are well-thought-out and designed for functionality.

There are two sinks - one appears to be in the foreground, and the other is towards the back. Both are white and paired with black faucets, adding a modern touch to the rustic aesthetic.

A generous amount of cabinetry and drawers are also evident in the design.

These elements are primarily used for storage, making the space practical and organized.

The countertop, possibly made of tile, provides ample space for bathroom essentials.

The room also features a bathtub, adding a level of luxury and relaxation to the overall design.

A large poster featuring a monument and people adorns the wall, adding an artistic touch to the room.

Lastly, a word "PARIS" can be seen, possibly hinting at the homeowner's travel interests or the design inspiration.

This bathroom is a perfect blend of modern, rustic, and natural elements, creating a serene and inviting atmosphere.

8: Bathroom with a tub and a bathtub :

This image showcases an elegantly designed bathroom, exuding a monochromatic color scheme with prominent hues of grey and white.

The most striking feature is a pristine white bathtub that sits invitingly against one wall, complete with a tap and a shower head.

The bathtub is not the only plumbing fixture in view - a sink, complete with its own tap, is also visible.

This bathroom is filled with various accessories, such as a mirror that hangs above the sink, reflecting the room's interior design.

The bathroom walls are adorned with tiles, giving it a clean and modern look.

A countertop, likely made of polished marble, forms the base for the sink.

The cabinetry below it offers ample storage space.

The floor and ceiling are also white, providing a seamless blend with the rest of the room.

A closer look reveals the room's intricate details, such as the black trim on the white wall and a black metal bar on a wooden surface.

The overall design and layout of this bathroom exude a sense of tranquility and luxury.

9: Round mirror in a bathroom :

In the image, we see a close-up of various elements, each contributing to a serene and stylish scene.

A sleek sink takes center stage, exuding modern simplicity.

Adjacent to it, a bouquet of dried flowers adds a touch of natural elegance.

A white window provides a backdrop, casting a soft glow on the surroundings.

Nearby, a pristine white bowl and a silver pipe, though blurred, contribute to the overall aesthetic.

An intriguing white object with a black circle draws attention, adding a hint of artistic flair.

A white faucet with a gracefully curved handle stands out as a functional yet visually appealing feature.

Lastly, a blurred image captures the movement of a person's hand, adding a dynamic and human touch to the composition.

Together, these elements create a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics in a captivating visual tableau.

10 : Bathroom with white sinks and a toilet :

This image showcases a pristine, modern bathroom dominated by a variety of grey tones.

The bathroom's wall, which is a major element of the photo, is adorned with a large mirror reflecting the clean, well-maintained space.

The mirror has a light above it, adding a warm glow to the otherwise cool-toned bathroom.

Two white porcelain sinks take center stage, punctuated by golden handles that lend an air of elegance. Both sinks are immaculately white, enhancing the overall brightness of the room.

They also feature matching taps, further contributing to the room's uniformity.

Close to the sinks, a white toilet is visible, blending seamlessly with the overall aesthetic of the bathroom.

The floor, tiled in a pattern that complements the wall, adds texture and visual interest to the space.

Some of the bathroom accessories, such as a white bowl and a cabinet with a gold handle, are also visible, enhancing the room's functionality.

11: Bathroom with a sink and toilet :

This image captures an elegantly designed indoor bathroom.

The dominant colors in the room are black, grey, and white, giving it a sleek and modern aesthetic.

A primary feature of the room is a glossy black sink that adds a touch of sophistication.

Its position against a white tiled wall creates a pleasing contrast.

Adjacent to the sink, a white toilet with a lid is stationed.

It appears to be well-maintained and clean, complementing the overall neatness of the bathroom.

There is a towel placed on the sink, presumably for drying hands after washing.

In addition to these, there appears to be a white cloth with blue text, possibly a decorative piece or a functional item like a hand towel.

The room also features a door, hinting at the room's privacy.

The bathroom's design is not only practical but also aesthetically pleasing, with elements like a coffee table and vase adding to the room's elegance.

The furniture is well-placed, making the best use of the available space.

12 : Bathtub in a bathroom :

This image captures the tranquil ambiance of a well-appointed bathroom.

Dominated by a brown tone and a white foreground, the central focus is a pristine bathtub, an epitome of elegance and relaxation.

The bathtub is equipped with a modern plumbing fixture, boasting a well-polished tap that reflects meticulous craftsmanship.

Just beside the bathtub, there's a sink, adding to the functional aspects of the room.

The bathroom is further embellished with a variety of accessories, including a white towel neatly hung on a rack and a tray with a container and jar.

Notably, the wall features a large mirror with a glass door, set against a rustic brick backdrop, adding a touch of vintage charm to the modern space.

Adding a touch of greenery, a potted plant graces the room, placed near a window that ushers in natural light.

To the side, there's a basket with a name on it, adding a personal touch to the room.

A bottle is also visible, possibly containing bath essentials, resting near the bathtub.

Overall, it's a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics, making the bathroom a comfortable and inviting space.

13 : Sink and faucet in a bathroom :

This image captures a unique and modern bathroom setting focused around a sink and faucet.

The sink appears to be an elegant mixture of stone, potentially granite, carved into a large rectangular shape, adding a sense of luxury to the environment. The faucet seems to be made of lustrous metal, possibly stainless steel, with a design that accentuates its clean, sleek lines.

A noteworthy feature is a peculiar metal pipe with holes, embedded in the wall, which adds an industrial touch to the otherwise refined setting.

Nearby, there's a close-up of a bottle, perhaps a bath accessory, that balances the overall aesthetics.

A black object, with a mysterious allure, can also be seen, creating a striking contrast with the sink and faucet.

The backdrop is predominantly black, a color that brings out the brown elements in the scene, especially the wooden elements on the ground.

This scene also gives off an outdoor ambiance, suggesting that the bathroom might be designed with an open concept in mind.

Overall, the image portrays a harmonious blend of modern, rustic, and industrial elements that make it a captivating depiction of contemporary bathroom design.

14 : Bathroom with a sink and mirror:

This image features a modern bathroom with a sleek, minimalist design.

The dominant colors are shades of grey and white, giving the bathroom a clean and sophisticated look.

There is a large wall mirror reflecting the room, which enhances the feeling of space.

The bathroom is equipped with a contemporary sink, which is a central feature in the room.

The sink appears to be made of white porcelain and is mounted on a grey wall.

Its tap is mounted directly on the wall above, providing a unique touch to the bathroom design.

Adjacent to the sink, there is a bathtub with a shower fixture, a common feature in bathrooms designed for both quick and leisurely bathing.

The bathtub appears to be built into the wall and is likely made of the same white material as the sink.

The room's walls and floor are tiled, a practical choice for a bathroom due to its water-resistant properties.

The tiles are likely grey to match the overall color scheme of the room.

There is a bathroom cabinet for storing toiletries and other essentials, contributing to the room's functionality.

Lastly, the bathroom is adorned with several accessories, including a vase of flowers, which adds a touch of nature to the space.

There is also a white object that could be a decorative piece or a functional item like a soap dispenser.

Despite the bathroom's modern design, these small details make it feel more homey and inviting.

15 : Bathroom with a tub and a window :

The image captures an indoor setting, particularly a bathroom.

The room, boasting a rustic charm, is dominated by rich black and warm brown hues.

The most striking feature is a bathtub, which seems to be the focal point of the room.

Next to the bathtub, a sink sits against the wall, blending seamlessly into the room's aesthetic.

The bathroom's design is enhanced by a wooden window, allowing a glimpse of the outside world and ensuring the room is well-lit during the day.

Adding to the vintage feel, a light fixture with a wire mesh shade hangs from the ceiling, casting soft shadows around the room.

The room's architecture is further accentuated by visible wooden beams.

A few other objects are scattered around the room, including a small tree in a glass vase and a black trash can.

The overall appearance of the room is a mix of cozy comfort and rustic charm, offering a unique blend of functionality and style.

16: Bathroom with a glass shower and a sink:

This image depicts a beautifully designed modern bathroom that features a clear glass shower enclosure, contributing to the overall clean and sleek aesthetic of the room.

The walls of the bathroom are adorned with white tiles, giving off a minimalist vibe and complementing the grey and white dominant colors of the room.

One of the main features of this bathroom is a stylish sink, which is accompanied by a tap and other plumbing fixtures.

The sink is set upon a tasteful countertop, which matches perfectly with the cabinetry below.

The bathroom cabinet and drawers are thoughtfully designed, offering ample storage space for bathroom accessories.

Besides the shower and the sink area, several interesting elements are scattered throughout the room.

A group of light bulbs can be seen, suggesting a well-lit space.

A clock with a blue face and a clear glass bottle with a black lid are placed on a shelf, adding a touch of character to the room.

A plant in a vase and a green plant next to a window bring a hint of nature indoors, creating a serene atmosphere.

A close-up of towels under the cabinet implies careful organization and attention to detail.

In conclusion, this image portrays a well-appointed, inviting bathroom that features a perfect blend of modern design, functionality, and thoughtful detailing, making it a comfortable and stylish space.

17: Bathroom with a sink and shower:

This image depicts a well lit, elegant bathroom.

The focal point of the bathroom is an oval-shaped sink that is nestled on top of a wooden counter.

Adjacent to the sink, a sleek silver tap is visible, reflecting the room's light.

There is a large mirror, potentially wall-to-wall, mounted above the sink and counter, providing a spacious feeling to the room.

A black bottle with a silver top is seen resting on the counter, perhaps a soap dispenser or a cosmetic product.

The bathroom is adorned with white and grey tiles, giving it a clean and modern look.

The bathroom also features a shower, although it's not the central focus of the image.

The shower head can be seen in the background.

The room is not devoid of natural light, suggesting the presence of a window, although it's not directly visible in the image.

The flooring appears to be carpeted, adding a touch of warmth to the otherwise sleek design of the bathroom.

Despite the minimalist design, the bathroom exudes a sense of luxury and comfort.

18 : Bathroom with a round mirror and a shelf:

This image showcases a tastefully designed bathroom that has been decorated in a minimalist style with a predominance of white color in its design.

One of the key features is a round mirror that is positioned on the wall, above a sleek sink.

The mirror adds a touch of elegance to the room and enhances its aesthetic appeal.

Below the mirror, there's a compact table or shelf, possibly made of wood, that offers some storage space.

It holds a couple of bottles, possibly containing toiletries or cosmetics, complete with a dispenser for easy usage.

To the side, there's a framed picture adding a personal touch to the room.

In the foreground, you can spot a close-up of a bowl and a towel, suggesting that the bathroom is well-equipped for daily use.

There's also a round light fixture attached to a black pole, providing adequate lighting for the room.

In the background, a window reveals a glimpse of palm trees, adding a tropical touch to the interior design.

The bathroom emanates a serene and calm ambiance, ideal for relaxation.

19: Bathroom with a sink and a mirror:

This is an image of a well-appointed bathroom, featuring a clean, white sink that is connected to a shiny, silver faucet.

The sink is situated on a countertop, and the entire setup is affixed against a wall with a mirror.

The mirror reflects the brick pattern of the opposite wall, adding an element of rustic charm to this modern space.

On the black and white tiled floor, there is a brown mat, which provides a contrast to the stark colors of the room.

Next to it, a potted plant in a basket offers a touch of greenery and life to the otherwise sterile setting.

A chair is also visible in the frame, tucked away at one corner of the bathroom.

Additional elements such as a door and a doorbell can be inferred from the reflections in the mirror, suggesting that the bathroom is part of a larger living space.

The chrome pig-shaped faucet and the black and white striped object are intriguing details that add a unique personality to this bathroom.

20: A bathroom with a shower and sink:

This image showcases a well-maintained, modern bathroom, complete with a shower and sink.

The dominant colors throughout the room are shades of white and grey, creating a clean, sterile, and minimalist aesthetic.

The bathroom's walls are plastered and painted white, further enhancing the room's brightness and spacious feel.

The shower area is equipped with a mechanical fan and a circular metal object with holes, presumably a showerhead.

Adjacent to the shower, a sink is installed with a tap, a crucial plumbing fixture.

Above the sink, a mirror is mounted on the wall, reflecting parts of the room and adding an illusion of depth.

A white rectangular object, possibly a soap dish or a container, is placed near the sink.

A brown bottle with a black cap, possibly containing soap or shampoo, is also visible.

In the corner, a black wire trails along the white wall, likely connected to an electrical appliance.

Lastly, the room also features a window, allowing for natural light to illuminate the space.

The bathroom's design indicates a thoughtful balance between functionality and interior design aesthetics.


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