20 Gorgeous small bathroom design inspirations for your home

December 8, 2023

Welcome to the world of big possibilities within small spaces!

If you're navigating the challenge of designing a small bathroom without compromising on style and functionality, you're not alone.

In this article, we've curated 20 gorgeous small bathroom design inspirations that prove that size is no limitation when it comes to creating a stunning and practical space in your home.

From clever storage solutions to chic decor ideas, we've gathered a diverse array of inspirations to help you transform your compact bathroom into a haven of style and efficiency.

Join us as we explore the art of maximizing space without compromising on aesthetics, and discover innovative ways to make the most out of every square inch in your small bathroom sanctuary.

Get ready to be inspired and embark on a journey to elevate your small bathroom design to new heights!

1 : Bathroom with a glass shower door:

This image presents a pristine and beautifully designed bathroom.

The room is dominated by an inviting glass shower door that exudes a sense of modernity.

The shower is a prominent feature, drawing attention to its sparkling glass door and clean lines.

The bathroom is rich with various plumbing fixtures, including a toilet, tap, and bathtub.

All fixtures are white in color, blending seamlessly with the overall decor. The toilet is situated in close proximity to the bathtub, offering convenience and smart use of space.

The walls and flooring are adorned with attractive tiles, lending an elegant touch to the room. These tiled surfaces are also white, further amplifying the bathroom's clean and crisp ambiance.

The room features various bathroom accessories that add functionality and style.

The overall interior design of the bathroom is impressive, with a strong emphasis on cleanliness, simplicity, and practicality. The room is well-lit, enhancing the white color scheme and highlighting the various elements within.

In summary, this image captures a well-designed, functional, and aesthetically pleasing modern bathroom with a glass shower door as its centerpiece.

2: Bathroom with a sink toilet and toilet paper:

This image showcases a beautifully designed bathroom featuring a clean, white theme.

Dominating the scene is a pristine white sink, accompanied by a toilet, both of which are modern plumbing fixtures.

The sink is elegantly accessorized with a wooden tray. There is a white and brown container, possibly for toiletries, adding to the aesthetics of the room.

The bathroom's walls and floor are covered with tiles, enhancing the overall interior design.

A white towel resting in a basket and a brown mat on the wooden floor are subtly incorporated into the room's decor, providing a warm contrast to the otherwise white theme.

The room also houses several potted plants, adding a touch of greenery and creating a calming ambiance.

One plant is placed next to a candle, while another is in a white pot. There's also a vase with dried plants, offering a unique decorative element.

A bathroom accessory, possibly a roll of toilet paper, is also visible.

This image truly captures the essence of a well-designed, serene, and welcoming bathroom space.

3: Bathroom with a sink and toilet :

This is a tastefully designed interior of a residential bathroom, keeping a neutral palette of grey and white which aids in creating a serene atmosphere.

The bathroom is well-equipped with essential fixtures such as a sink and a toilet, both kept immaculately clean.

The sink, which is situated against the wall, appears to be quite modern with a sleek faucet. Near the sink, a toilet is located, featuring a comfortable seat.

The bathroom's walls are adorned with tiles, a common feature in bathrooms for their water-resistant properties.

A window provides natural light, enhancing the room's ambiance. Various bathroom accessories like a toilet paper holder and a framed picture add a personal touch to the room.

There's also a step stool, presumably for a child's convenience.

The room is further garnished with a couple of potted plants, adding a splash of greenery and making the space feel more lively.

Lastly, an intriguing detail to note is a pig-shaped object on the floor which adds a whimsical touch to this well-maintained bathroom.

4: Shower with a sink and a stool:

This image showcases a tastefully designed bathroom that cleverly utilizes its limited space.

The most dominant feature is a small yet efficient shower area, fitted with a long pipe and showerhead.

A close look reveals a small sink and a stool within the shower area, indicative of smart space management.

On the bathroom floor, a stool with a bowl and brush on it can be seen, further enhancing the utilitarian aesthetic of the room.

A white toilet, with its seat down, sits gracefully in the corner, complementing the minimalist design of the bathroom.

A potted plant is also visible, adding a touch of greenery and freshness to the otherwise neutral palette of greys and whites.

The walls, adorned with tiles, feature a note that provides tips on how to make a small bathroom feel larger.

A door with a handle is also visible, offering a glimpse of the room beyond.

The interior design of the bathroom, with its careful placement of plumbing fixtures and thoughtful use of property, reflects a commitment to functionality without compromising on style.

5: Bathroom with a sink and toilet :

This image captures an exquisitely designed bathroom with a harmonious blend of modern and traditional elements.

The overall color scheme of the bathroom is dominated by various shades of grey and white, giving the room a clean and sleek appearance.

The bathroom wall appears to be adorned with tiles that reflect the room's refined interior design.

The main feature of the room is a sleek, white sink with a modern faucet, placed against the wall.

The sink is set atop a countertop, with a bathroom cabinet beneath it offering ample storage space.

A bottle, possibly containing soap or lotion, is conveniently placed next to the sink. A mirror hanging above the sink further enhances the room's functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Additional features include a bathtub and a toilet, essential elements of any bathroom. The room also has a chair, perhaps for added comfort or to assist the elderly or infirm.

There is also a metal stand with a few poles, possibly used for hanging towels or clothing.

The ceiling and floor of the bathroom are also visible, completing the image of a well-designed and fully-equipped bathroom.

6: Bathroom with a round mirror and a plant on the wall :

This image presents a well-designed interior space, particularly a bathroom, with a strong emphasis on minimalism and modern aesthetics.

The main feature of the room is the round mirror attached to the wall, reflecting the room's calm ambiance.

The mirror is accompanied by a sink, placed just below it, enhancing the functionality of the space.

Adding a touch of nature to the room's modern design is a potted plant, placed strategically on the wall.

This plant not only introduces a pop of color but also brings a sense of tranquility to the setting.

Adjacent to the plant, one can spot a shelf holding various items, possibly bathroom essentials, neatly stacked for convenience.

The room also boasts a large window, allowing ample natural light to brighten up the space.

The floor seems to be made of a material that complements the overall color scheme of whites, greys, and browns.

The wall displays an intriguing piece of text, adding a unique element to the room's design.

Lastly, a subtle yet surprising detail is a cat, quietly making its presence known in this serene setting.

7 : Bathroom with a round mirror :

This is an image of a well-designed bathroom that boasts a tranquil and modern interior.

Dominating the room is a round mirror, which reflects the elegant simplicity of the room.

On the wall, immediately noticeable is an intriguing abstract sculpture, enhancing the aesthetic aspect of the room.

The bathroom features a sleek, white sink, complementing the grey-toned tiles that cover the wall.

Adjacent to the sink, a white bathtub can be seen, giving the room a sense of comfort and luxury.

On a nearby shelf, there are multiple bottles, possibly containing various bathing essentials, which add a personal touch to the space.

The room also houses a toilet, positioned in a way that it maintains the room's spacious feel.

Every detail in this image contributes to a bathroom that combines functionality with style, creating a soothing and aesthetically pleasing environment.

8 : Bathroom with a sink and a mirror :

This image portrays a tastefully designed, spacious bathroom.

It features a large rectangular bathtub with a stylish black trim, making a stark contrast against the white walls.

The bathroom's walls are adorned with white tiles, giving it a clean, fresh look.

A sleek white sink, complemented by a modern tap, is attached to the wall, adding to the bathroom's minimalist aesthetic.

Above the sink, a sizable mirror hangs, reflecting the bright interior of the room. A small vase with a blooming flower sits gracefully on the sink, adding a touch of nature to the room.

A white towel, neatly hung on a hook by the mirror, adds a hint of everyday utility to the scene. There's also a black bottle with white text on it, possibly a product for personal care.

A potted plant placed strategically adds a bit of greenery, breaking the monotony of the black and white theme.

The text "al.ive" is subtly visible in the room, maybe a brand related to the household articles seen in the bathroom.

Overall, the bathroom's design exudes an air of sophistication and elegance, with its marble flooring, white accessories, and strategic touch of black.

It's an embodiment of modern interior design that marries functionality and style seamlessly.

9: Bathroom with a round mirror and a sink :

This image captures an elegantly designed bathroom that seamlessly blends functionality and style.

The main feature of the room is a sink, fitted with modern plumbing fixtures, against a backdrop of a tastefully patterned wall.

Above the sink hangs a round mirror, reflecting the subtle, warm tones of the bathroom decor.

The bathroom also features a sturdy wooden surface, possibly a countertop, that contrasts beautifully with the stone floor.

A couple of soap dispensers are conveniently placed, reinforcing the room's practicality.

There's also a glimpse of a wooden panel, possibly a door, with a black handle against a contrasting white wall, enhancing the room's modern aesthetic.

Towards one corner of the image, there's a partial view of a toilet, further confirming the image's bathroom setting.

The overall color palette is dominated by shades of brown and grey, creating a serene and inviting ambience.

The room is well-lit, highlighting the different textures and surfaces, from the shiny tap to the smooth tiles.

10: Bathroom with a bathtub and a shower :

This image captures the essence of a well-designed bathroom, showcasing a bathtub and a shower in a tastefully done interior.

The dominant color scheme here is brown, which gives the room a warm and inviting feel.

The walls are adorned with tiles, adding to the overall aesthetics of the room.


Positioned against this wall is a plumbing fixture, possibly a tap, which is a striking bathroom accessory adding to the functionality of this space.

The bathroom features a sink, which is an essential part of any bathroom.

It appears to be located towards the bottom of the frame.

The sink is complemented by a mirror, which enhances the interior design of the room.

The room also incorporates elements of marble, giving it a touch of luxury.

One can also notice a bathtub, a quintessential part of any bathroom, and a separate shower area.

The ceiling and floor design also add to the overall appeal of this bathroom.


Overall, the image portrays a well-lit, modern, and stylish bathroom, designed keeping both aesthetics and functionality in mind.

11: Bathroom with a round mirror :

This is a beautifully designed bathroom with a noticeable aesthetics of simplicity and elegance.

Dominated by shades of brown, the space gives off a warm and inviting atmosphere.

The bathroom is well-equipped with a sink, a bathtub, a shower, and a toilet, all in pristine white that contrasts the brown surroundings.

A distinctive feature of this bathroom is a round mirror mounted on the wall.

The mirror has an elegant circular frame that adds to the overall interior design of the room.

It is placed above the sink, serving both functional and decorative purposes.

The sink is rectangular and white, matching the other plumbing fixtures in the room.

The walls and floor of the bathroom are adorned with tiles, possibly made of marble, which further enhance the luxurious look of the space.

The ceiling, in harmony with the design, is also in a shade of white.

The bathroom accessories are thoughtfully placed, adding to the functionality without compromising on the aesthetics.

The room appears to be indoor, possibly part of a hotel suite, given its sophisticated design and high-end fixtures.

The design of the bathroom, with its neat plaster work and well-arranged elements, suggests a thoughtful interior design approach.

Overall, this bathroom with a round mirror exudes a sense of comfort, style, and luxury.

12: Black and gold bathroom :

This image portrays a stunningly designed bathroom, exuding a luxurious ambiance using a black and gold color scheme.

The dominant color of the space is black, which creates a dramatic and sophisticated backdrop.

The bathroom includes a variety of features, including a sink, tap, mirror, and a bathtub, all of which are likely to be adorned in gold, reflecting an opulent aesthetic.

The bathroom also includes a toilet which is prominently visible in the image.

The toilet tank is black, a sleek and unexpected choice that contributes to the overall design theme.

The bathroom accessories also follow the same color scheme, further enhancing the aesthetic consistency of the space.

The bathroom is also thoughtfully accessorized.

A plant, possibly placed in a corner, adds a touch of organic freshness to the otherwise stark decor.

A vase with white flowers can also be seen, providing a stark contrast against the black backdrop.

In terms of architectural elements, the bathroom features a wall that might be fitted with a window, allowing natural light to filter into the space.

The floor appears to be made of marble, which, along with the tile work on the walls, adds a touch of elegance and luxury to the room.

The overall impression is that of a high-end, stylishly designed bathroom.

13: Bathroom with a round mirror :

This image captures the serene ambiance of a beautifully designed bathroom.

Dominating the scene is a round mirror, which is delicately mounted on a grey wall.

The mirror reflects the room's minimalist aesthetic, and its circular shape adds a unique touch to the overall design.

Underneath the mirror, there is a modern sink that sits atop a table.

The sink's clean lines and glossy finish complement the room's contemporary style.

On the table, there's an assortment of items including a plant in a pot, a toothbrush in a holder, and a wicker basket.

These additions not only serve practical purposes but also add a personal touch to the space.

Adjacent to the sink area, a window allows natural light to filter into the room, enhancing the overall atmosphere of the bathroom.

The ground is also visible, presumably tiled, which completes the clean and sleek look of this bathroom. D

espite its simplicity, this bathroom exudes a kind of elegance that is both timeless and modern.

14: Bathroom with a shower and sink :

This is an elegant, modern bathroom with a calming white dominant color scheme that is softly contrasted by touches of black and grey.

The accent color is a warm earthy brown, lending a cozy atmosphere to the room.

The bathroom is characterized by a sleek interior design featuring a wall-mounted sink with a round white basin and a black drain.

Next to the sink, there's a towel neatly placed on the counter, and a woven basket with a rolled-up blanket inside, adding a homey touch to the setting.

The bathroom also features a large mirror that enhances the sense of space.

The floor and walls are beautifully tiled, contributing to the clean and streamlined look of the room.

In the corner, there's a toilet with a white ceramic finish that complements the overall decor. The shower area is notable with a distinctive black circle on the floor.

Adding life to the room is a potted plant, placed on a stand, its lush green leaves adding a refreshing splash of color.

The room also features a green vase with a handle, possibly holding flowers, which contributes to the overall homely and welcoming ambiance of this well-designed bathroom.

15: Bathroom with a sink and a shower :

This image captures a stylish and modern bathroom interior.

The main feature is a sleek sink, set against a beautifully tiled wall, reflecting off a generously sized mirror that enhances the space.

There's also a shower visible, adding functionality to the aesthetic appeal of the room.

Cabinetry adorns the bathroom, providing ample storage and contributing to the room's interior design.

The countertops are clean and free from clutter, with only a tap and plumbing fixtures breaking the smooth surface.

The room is well-lit, with light fixtures casting a warm glow. In the corner, a potted plant lends a touch of nature, its green foliage contrasting nicely with the muted colors of the room.

A white bowl sits near the sink, perhaps holding soap or other bathroom essentials.

The design of the room is further highlighted by a window, which allows natural light to flood in, enhancing the overall ambiance.

A close look reveals details like plush towels and a stone surface, adding texture and comfort to the space.

The wood surfaces seen in the cabinetry reflect the light beautifully, adding a warm and cozy touch to this well-designed bathroom.

16: Bathroom with a shower and sink :

This image showcases a tastefully designed, modern bathroom.

The dominant colors are a sophisticated combination of brown and grey, creating a warm and inviting ambiance.

The walls are adorned with tastefully chosen tiles, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the room. The bathroom features two sinks, both housed within a countertop, each with a sleek tap.

These fixtures are carefully placed against a wall, adding to the overall neatness of the interior design.

There is also a shower, which appears to have a long spout, indicating a thoughtful choice in bathroom accessories.

In the corner of the room, there's a dining table, surprisingly but interestingly adding an unconventional element to the bathroom.

On the table, a round top is visible, possibly a decorative element or a practical item like a soap dish.

A bottle is seen, possibly containing a bath product, placed in a reachable distance from the shower.

The room also features a towel rack with a towel, ready for use after a refreshing shower.

The floor seems to be carpeted, adding a cozy touch to the room.

Lastly, a mirror is subtly present, complementing the bathroom's utility and design.\


17 : Bathroom with a sink and a mirror :

This image portrays a well-maintained, modern bathroom filled with a variety of fixtures and accessories.

The primary attraction of the room is a pristine white sink, complemented by silver taps, reflecting off the mirror above it.

The mirror has an elegant black frame which contrasts beautifully with the white-dominated color scheme of the room.

Adding to the bathroom's aesthetic appeal is a wooden cabinet, distinguished by a black handle, providing necessary storage space.

On the cabinet, there is a white bottle with a black lid, potentially a product for personal hygiene. A metal rack on the wall displays a neatly folded white towel, ready for use.

The bathroom also houses a spotless white toilet, equipped with a silver handle, which sits opposite the sink.

A potted plant, placed in the corner, adds a touch of greenery to the space, enhancing its overall ambiance.

The bathroom's design and fixtures suggest a blend of functionality and sophistication, making it a comfortable and stylish space.

18 : Bathroom with a toilet and tub :

This is an image that captures the tranquil and serene essence of a well-designed bathroom.

The scene is dominated by a pristine white color palette that engulfs the primary features of the room such as the toilet, tub, sink, and cabinetry.

This peaceful ambience is amplified by a large mirror that sits above the sink, reflecting the room's tasteful interior design.

The bathroom has a well-structured wooden cabinet with two doors that serve as a storage unit.

It appears to be a perfect blend of style and functionality, doubling as a countertop for bathroom accessories.

Aesthetically pleasing tiles cover the floor, adding a subtle touch of elegance to the overall design.

The room's key plumbing fixtures, such as the tap and sink, are meticulously installed, ensuring a seamless blend with the room's design.

The toilet, situated near a window, is adorned with a folded towel, enhancing the room's warm and welcoming vibe.

There's also a potted plant in the room, serving as a refreshing green accent against the stark white surroundings.

Overall, this image is a snapshot of a well-lit, well-designed bathroom that expertly combines functionality and style.

19 : Bathroom with marble tiles and a sink :

This image captures a spacious and tastefully designed bathroom, the hallmark of which is its usage of luxurious marble tiles.

The bathroom showcases an impressive double sink arrangement, which is beautifully set against the elegant grey tones of the wall.

The first sink, placed to the left, is partially obscured, while the second sink is fully visible on the right side, both enhancing the overall aesthetic of the room.

A striking feature is a healthy indoor plant, quaintly perched on a surface on the left. The plant adds a touch of greenery, bringing a refreshing contrast to the dominant grey hues.

A mirror is present in the bathroom, hinting at its functionality and practicality.

The tap and other plumbing fixtures are not prominent but subtly blend into the overall decor, contributing to the room's minimalist charm.

The bathroom has an abandoned, almost decaying ambiance, suggesting it's not frequently used or perhaps part of an old building.

Despite this, the room retains a certain allure, accentuated by the wooden frame on the wall and other elements.

The image is a study in contrasts, mixing modern design elements with a sense of old-world charm.

20 : Bathroom with a shower and sink :

The image portrays an elegant, all-white bathroom that emanates an aura of cleanliness and simplicity.

The main focus is a pristine sink, neatly installed against the wall. It is accompanied by a shiny tap, reflecting the high standards of the bathroom's design.

To the right of the sink, there's a bathroom accessory which adds a touch of class to the scene.

A plethora of other plumbing elements, including a bathtub and a shower, are also visible, further enriching the bathroom's functionality.

The shower head, in particular, has an intricate design and is sure to provide a refreshing experience.

The bathroom's walls are adorned with delicate, white tiles that match perfectly with the overall color scheme.

Additionally, there is a mirror on the wall, which enhances the spaciousness of the room.

A bathroom cabinet is present as well, providing ample storage space.

Lastly, a few black bottles are placed strategically, possibly containing essential toiletries, while a brown towel hangs close by.

Overall, this bathroom is a perfect blend of utility and aesthetics.


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